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Important terms in Frame Semantics

This is the official website for the FrameNet Project.

If you just want to explore, please type a word or phrase into the "Search" box at the upper right; this will look for the word in the FrameNet database. (Verbs are more likely to give interesting results than nouns.)

For a more structured approach to learning about FrameNet, please begin with the "About" link above.

Almost all of the FrameNet data can be reached by browsing this website - you do not need a login to browse. If you need a machine-readable copy of the data in XML format, please click on the "Get the Data" button or select "FrameNet Data/Request FrameNet Data".

Thanks. - Collin Baker, Project Manager

FrameNet Director Charles Fillmore

ACL Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Professor Charles Fillmore (1929-2014), founder and director of ICSI's FrameNet Project, received the Association for Computational Linguistics's Lifetime Achievement Award. The award, presented at the Annual Meeting of the ACL on July 11, 2012 in Jeju, South Korea, is given for widely recognized, sustained, and enduring contributions to the field of computational linguistics over a long period.

Encounters with Language - Professor Fillmore's article in the journal Computational Linguistics, describing his lifelong exploration of Linguistics, culminating in the development of FrameNet.

FrameNet Director Charles Fillmore Receives ACL Lifetime Achievement Award - International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) news article announcing the award.

Video of Prof. Fillmore's acceptance speech, delivered remotely