Revised FrameNet data distribution policy, especially for commercial users.

Dear Friends,

In recent years, we have found that, while the great majority of academic users of the FrameNet data have followed scholarly practice by citing some of the basic papers on FrameNet (and in some cases, also providing the URL of the FrameNet website), this has not been true of for-profit entities. Although we have had close and productive relations with a handful of companies, we have also provided versions of the FrameNet lexical databases free of charge to hundreds of companies who have never given our team any feedback on their use (if any) of the data or responded to followup enquiries from us. We know (from other sources) that the FrameNet data is widely used in some of the largest and most profitable IT and consulting companies in the world, without any public acknowledgement. Our response has been to suspend release of the FrameNet data to for-profit entities for a long time, which benefits no one in the long run.

We have decided to resume releasing the data to for-profit entities, coupled with the clearest statement possible of what we expect in return: when you request the data and accept the Creative Commons Attribution-only License, you are committing to clearly and publicly acknowledge FrameNet if you use FrameNet data in creating and/or producing goods or services. This means you agree to prominently display the FrameNet name and a link to the FrameNet website to users of your products, on the relevant web pages, splash screens, or packaging. If you have any questions about this obligation, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The FrameNet Team