FrameNet, Present and Future

TitleFrameNet, Present and Future
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBaker, C
Secondary AuthorsWebster, J, Ide, N, Fang, AC
Conference NameThe First International Conference on Global Interoperability for Language Resources
PublisherCity University
Conference LocationHong Kong

This paper will focus on recent and nearterm future developments at FrameNet (FN) and the interoperability issues they raise. We begin by discussing the current state of the Berkeley FN database, the data formats and APIs available, and the relations between FN grammatical functions and "standard" parses and between FN frame elements and "standard" semantic/thematic/theta roles We also cover five projects currently underway at ICSI and the interoperability/ compatibility issues connected with them: (1) "Rapid Vanguarding", which aims to integrate Adam Kilgarriff's (2002, 2003) Word Sketch Engine into the frame and lexical unit definition process (2) "Beyond the Core", which is developing tools for annotating constructions, especially those which are neither simply lexical nor easy for the standard parsers to parse, (3) FN's part in the development of the Manually Annotated Subcorpus of the American National Corpus, (4) a pilot study on aligning WordNet and FrameNet, to exploit the complementary strengths of these quite different resources, and (5) a study of image-schematic frames and their usefulness in inferencing. We discuss FN-related research on Spanish, Japanese, German (SALSA) and other languages, and the putative language independence of frames, along with other interesting FN-related work by others, and a sketch of a large group of image-schematic frames which are now being added to FN. We close with some ideas about how FrameNet can be opened up, to allow broader participation in the development process without losing precision and coherence.