FrameNet Data

FrameNet data is available online as browsable reports, a clickable visualization (FrameGrapher), and can be searched online.
You can also download the data in XML format, which is accompanied by a set of XSL scripts, making it possible to view the XML in a web browser, in the same format as the public website.

Note that the data shown here is newer than the data in the data release, but has not been as carefully checked for completeness and consistency.

Full Text Annotation
In addition to our ongoing lexicographic work, FrameNet has begun to annotate some continuous texts, as a demonstration of how frame semantics can contribute to text understanding. This style of annotation typically involves marking frame elements of frames evoked by multiple predicators in each sentence or even in each clause.

Frame Index
Frame definitions, semantic roles/frame elements (FEs), and other frame information.

Lexical Unit Index
Word senses (Lexical Units) with annotation and related syntactic patterns report.

Search the FrameNet data using the FrameSQL tool (Prof. Sato Hiroaki).

Interact with a visual representation of the frame-frame relations in the FrameNet data.

License FN Data
FrameNet release 1.5 is available as of September 14, 2010!