Welcome to FrameNet!

This is the official website for the FrameNet Project, housed at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, California.

If you just want to explore, please type a word or phrase into the "Search" box at the left; this will look for the word in the FrameNet database. Verbs are more likely to give interesting results than nouns.

For a more structured approach to learning about FrameNet, please begin with the tab "FrameNet/About FrameNet" above.

Almost all of the FrameNet data can be reached by browsing this website--you do not need a login to do so. If you need a machine-readable copy of the data, please go to "FrameNet Data/Request FrameNet data".

Thanks. -Collin Baker, Project Manger

Recent News

04/25/16 Power outage April 25, 2016
08/11/15 Slides from FrameNet Tutorial now available
08/11/15 New Data Release coming soon
07/30/15 Problems viewing FrameNet data in Chrome browser
07/09/15 New Data Release Now Available!
08/22/14 Frame Lattice List Now Available For Viewing
06/09/14 FrameNet Brasil: World Cup Dictionary now available online
02/22/14 Charles J. Fillmore 1929-2014
07/11/12 Charles Fillmore Receives ACL's Lifetime Achievement Award