FN Online Annotation Tool

Running a Demo

To start a demo, click "Run Demo" from the upper right corner of the application, and select a lexical unit (LU) from the provided list. The LUs are listed in order of increasing difficulty, i.e. LUs closer to the bottom of the list require more familiarity with FrameNet annotation than those at the top.

When a demo LU is loaded, users will see two tabs in the subcorpus browser panel labeled '01-unannotated-1' and '02-unannotated-2'. Listed in each tabbed panel are unannotated sentences that use the lemma corresponding to the loaded demo LU. Note that not all the uses (in fact, probably not even a majority) are examples of the loaded demo LU.

To see annotated examples of the loaded lexical unit, users can click the "annotated examples" link next to name of the LU. The frame definition for the LU's frame can be viewed by clicking the "definition" link next to the frame name.

Annotating a Sentence

To annotate a sentence, click on a sentence in the subcorpus browser. For demos, the subcorpus browser shows two lists of sentences labeled '01-unannotated-1' or '02-unannotated-2'. When a sentence is clicked on, the sentence annotator tool will appear below the subcorpus browser. To select a span of text, drag the mouse over a range of text, or to use the keyboard, move to mouse into white box containing the sentence, and then use the arrow keys. The span can be expanded using the keyboard by holding down the SHIFT key while using the right or left arrow keys. Note that the selection will snap to any existing FE labels. To delete an FE label, select the label, and then click the "delete label" from the status bar just below the white box containing the sentence text.

Once a range of text has been selected, an FE label can be applied by clicking on one of the colored buttons on the right. For Core FE labels, instantiation type can be selected using the pull down menus just to the right of FE label button. Selection of a null instantiation type disables the FE label button, and conversely, applying a core FE label to a span of text disables the instantiation type pulldown.